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Response codes

If a request to the API can not be answered correctly, a response code will be returned. This consists of two numbers separated by a hyphen. The response code and additonal information will be transmitted in the 'ApiResponseModel'. ApiResponse display


The module codes and error codes are defined as follows:

Error Codes for resources

Code Name Description
00 Undefined Resource is not defined
01 Info Resources on information from the API
02 Account Resources for managing user accounts
03 Tenant Resources for clients
04 User Resources for user
05 ExtraTable Resources for ExtraTables
10 Customer Customer Resources
11 Supplier Resources for suppliers
12 Prospect Resources for prospects
13 Employee Resources for employees
14 DeliveryAddress Delivery addresses for customers/suppliers/interested parties
20 Article Resources for items
21 SetArticle Resources for BOM item
22 AccessoryArticle Resources for accessory item
23 SurchargeArticle Resources for document surcharge item
24 ArticleGroup Resources for items groups
25 Characteristic Resources for characteristics
26 SerialNumber Resources for serial numbers
30 WarehouseLocation Resources for storage sites
31 Warehouse Resources for storage
32 Inventory Inventory resources
33 ManualStorage Resources for manual storage
40 DeliveryTerm Resources for delivery terms
41 DocumentKind Resources for document types
42 Document Resources for documents
43 TransferDocument Resources for transfer documents
44 TransferHandover Resources for transfer documents
50 PriceGroup Resources for price groups
51 Currency Resources for currencies
60 Analysis Resources for evaluation
70 Macro Resources for macros
72 Production Resources for production
73 ProductionControl Resources for production control
74 Resource Operating resources for production control
80 Journal Resources for journals
81 Localization Resources for languages
82 Project Resources for projects
83 Signature Resources for signatures

SelectLine API error codes

Code Name Description
000 Undefined No error code defined, general error
001 HttpResponseException A general error has occurred that is not being handled by the SelectLine API.
002 UnauthorizedAccessException Access was denied because authentication is required for this function.
003 AuthenticationException The user is not authenticated or the credentials are incorrect.
004 MissingUserPermissionException The user has no permission to use this function.
005 ModelStateIsInvalidException The transmitted data are incorrect or insufficient.
006 ResourceNotFoundException The resource you are looking for could not be found.
007 ParameterIsNullException Not all required parameters were transmitted.
008 BadRequestException Incorrect data was transmitted.
009 EntityAlreadyExistsException The resource to be created already exists.
010 ObjectNotFoundException The object could not be found.
011 ValidationException The action could not be executed because validation rules have been violated.
012 InvalidTransferDocumentPositionException The TransferDocumentPosition model is not allowed for this operation.
013 PropertyNotFoundException The action could not be performed because a transferred property was not found.
014 TenantRequiredException The access was denied because a client is required for this function.
015 TenantNotAuthorizedExeption Access was denied because an authorized tenant is required for this feature.
016 ParameterIsRequiredException The action could not be performed because a required parameter was not found.
017 ParameterValueNotSupportedException The action could not be performed because the value for a passed parameter is not supported.
018 InvalidWawiVersionException The action could not be executed because the Warenwirtschaft version is not up-to-date.
019 LoginUserKindException The login type does not correspond to the user to be logged in.
020 LoginUserToolboxLicenseException In order to register a user for SelectLine API a Toolbox licence is requiered.
021 LoginUserMdeLicenseException To register a user for SelectLine MDE, a SelectLine MDE licence is required.
022 LoginUserBdeLicenseException To register a user for SelectLine BDE, a SelectLine BDE licence is required.
028 MacroNotFoundException The macro could not be executed. The macro was not found.
029 PipeNotExistsOrIsOccupiedException The communication request was rejected because the connection is currently not available or overloaded.
030 WindowOnTheServerWasOpenedException When executing the function, an attempt was made to open a window in the Warenwirtschaft.
031 UpdateDocumentErrorException An error occurred while editing a document
032 StoreErrorException An error occurred when storing a document line item
033 DocumentSuccessorErrorException An error occurred during document transfer
034 InventoryErrorException An error occurred during the stocktaking
035 DocumentProcessingStatusNotActivatedException The document processing status is not activated for the target document of the document transfer.
036 CreateDocumentErrorException An error occurred when creating a document.
037 LoginUserShopwareLicenseException Um einen Benutzer für die Shopware-Schnittstelle anzumelden, wird eine Shopware-Lizenz benötigt.
038 ProductionErrorException An error occurred when using the production functions
039 AppKeyInvalidException The AppKey used is not valid.
040 MissingTenantDatabaseNameOrWawiUserException The assignment to the Warenwirtschaft, with the help of an Warenwirtschaft user and a client, could not be found.
041 ExtraTableNotFoundException An error occurred when using the extra table
042 JournalAttachmentException Error when using the file as a journal attachment
043 PrintDocumentErrorException An error occurred during document printing.
044 ProductionOrderIsPlannedException A production order that has already been scheduled cannot be edited or deleted.
045 ParameterNotFoundException The parameter used is not valid.
046 GetPdfDocumentErrorException Error when retrieving a PDF document from a document printout
047 GetPrintTemplatesErrorException Error when retrieving print templates
048 GetDocumentEmailFieldsErrorException Error when retrieving email fields from a document template
049 LoginLockedException A login lock is active. As long as the lock is active, no functionality can be used.
050 BusinessPartnerHasDocumentBlockException A document block is active for this business partner. As long as the block is active, the document functionality cannot be used.
051 AssignProjectErrorException The project could not be assigned to the document.
052 DatabaseConnectionIsRequiredException A database connection is required
053 BelegHatFalschenVorgaengerException The document has a predecessor with a different successor
054 BelegHatNachfolgerException Der Beleg hat bereits einen Nachfolger
055 BelegHatProjektException The document already has a project
056 BelegMitAbweichenderBelegKetteException A document in the document chain differs in customer, invoice recipient, currency or price type.
058 AssignProjectToDocumentFailedException The document cannot be assigned to the project
059 RemoveProjectFromDocumentFailedException The project cannot be removed from the document
060 ProjektNotFoundException The project was not found
061 FremdProjektException Der Beleg passt nicht zum Projekt. Folgende Werte müssen übereinstimmen: Kunde, Währung, Preistyp und Rechnungsempfänger
062 ProjektStatusException Only projects with the status 'Open' may be edited
063 DeleteDocumentPositionSuccessorExistsException The item in the document could not be deleted because it has a successor.
064 NotificationDialogInServerModeException When executing the function, an attempt was made to open a message window in the Warenwirtschaft.
065 KeyExistsException A record with this key already exists.
066 InactiveArticleForbiddenException The item cannot be used because it is inactive.
067 ArticelExpirationDateExceededException The item cannot be used because the expiry date has passed.
068 CalculatedQuantityValueException If storage information has been entered, then the input quantity must also be set.
069 RecordLockedException One or more records are already being edited thus could not be changed!
070 ProductionOrderStateCannotBeChangedException The status of the production order cannot be changed.
071 MacroExecutionTypeNotSupportedException The macro could not be executed. The type of query macro is not supported.
072 MacroParameterInvalidException The macro could not be executed. The parameters of the macro are incorrect.
073 LoginUserVersandLicenseException To register a user for the Shipping Interface, a Shipping Licence is required.
074 DocumentPredecessorErrorException An error occurred during the document transfer
075 InvalidCastErrorException An error occurred during a type conversion
076 PrintDocumentEmailException An error occurred when printing a receipt with the print destination Email.
077 FormatException The data sent is incorrect or insufficient.
078 SerialNumberInUseException The serial number is already in productive use.
079 LoginUserShopifyLicenseException To register a user for the Shopify interface, a Shopify licence is required.